The angels are singing.

❝I would always think perhaps it is because we have six hands therefore we can form a bigger hug, because we have six hands we can block even bigger obstacles, because we have six hands we can form an even bigger universe. So our happiness is more than other people and our world is also bigger compared to other people. ❞

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Crying because I just want to watch the remaining two music videos already T_T I hope HIM uploads "This Person Has Nothing To Do With Me" and "Pocket’s Warmth" soon! I wanna see~


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Anonymous asked: Do u have the video to S.H.E and hebe at the springwave music festival on 4/4/2014? I rly wanna watch it! :<



Hebe 田馥甄

If you don’t mind me adding, here’s a playlist for S.H.E and Hebe for their complete performance, including the talking parts. :)

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Anonymous asked: Can you give us a tutorial on making gifs like yours?

There are already so many tutorials out there so instead of making my own, I’ll just direct you to the most useful tutorials that I know of.

she4ever has a tutorial. It’s not the way that I make my gifs but I think it’s the easiest way if you don’t want to install other softwares.

This and this tutorials are exactly how I make my gifs. I use KMplayer to capture screencaps and then animate them on PS. Both tutorials are very detailed.

Hope that helps! :D And if you have any other specific requests about my gifs feel free to ask again.

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happiness staring at sadness

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S.H.E Sings 戀人未滿


This is a different version of  戀人未滿 . What do you think of this version? The original version was more powerful. Hebe also performed as a solo artist which was great ! I love seeing Hebe and S.H.E sing at this event each year. You can view Hebe’s solo performance by clicking for more videos on Youtube. Also you can view the whole S.H.E performance there too!

OMG. This version is so calming and makes me feel happy. S.H.E surprises every time.

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Hebe casually grocery shopping.

Happy Birthday, Hebe Tien!
loveablelil3azndork asked: Do you happen to know if there are any other confirmed dates of S.H.E's 2014 tour? Besides the ones May to July.


Hi! Haven’t checked their sched yet :(

Four stops have been confirmed:

-17 May, Shen Zhen 深圳
-31 May, Wu Han 武汉
-5 July, Chongqing 重庆
- 12 July, Shanghai 上海

It looks like they’ll be going around Mainland China mostly. I’ve also read from a couple of news articles that the set, costumes, and song lists will all be different for this encore. So I’m guessing they’ll probably be revisiting the stops they’ve already been in the first tour (HK and Taiwan most likely). :)

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