Part 2 of Selina’s lecture at “Voice” (English Subbed) | Part 1

S.H.E 2GETHER4EVER Concert (Blu-ray Limited Edition)

So the concert DVD arrived today! Which actually surprised me since I wasn’t expecting it until next week. I think this is the fastest YesAsia has ever shipped anything to me. Haha. Although I did pay an extra $16 for shipping. :P

I just finished watching the whole concert but not the behind-the-scenes DVD just yet. The image is very clear, so is the sound (but in some parts I noticed that Ella is barely heard, problems in recording probably). The concert was great! But compared to SHEITO DVD, I think they were more “laid back” in recording this concert. What I mean is that, in SHEITO they were really focused on getting the lyrics right and avoided “ad-libbing.” Whereas in this recording, it was S.H.E giving a great performance while having fun. :) I also think there were more talking parts here than in SHEITO.

The packaging for this is so creative and pretty! But then again, it’s HIM. And HIM always gives us the prettiest album packaging. Haha. The photo book is beautiful, but I’m pretty disappointed that the poster is folded.

Overall, it’s a must for any S.H.E fan! :)

Insignificance Era - MV Outfits (part 1/2)


Selina at “Voice” (First Part) with English subtitles.

Selina’s speech is very touching and inspiring. She has gone through so much but her optimistic personality still stays the same. I think she is not only an idol but also a good role model.

Fun fact! S.H.E is the 15th best-selling girl group in physical sales and the 2nd best in digital sales! [source]


BD/DVD Pre-order - July 23 
BD/DVD Release - August 8 

HEBE | Half of Honey (Lenovo Micro-Movie) [X]


S.H.E - Once Upon A Time

Another album to my S.H.E collection! I really love the type of paper they used for the photo book/lyric book and the postcards. Also I didn’t know that the album came with 6 postcards so that was a nice surprise! :) Pretty album packaging as always!

田馥甄 DEJA VU @ 25th Golden Melody Awards [X][FC]

Mi Lu 迷路 Getting Lost (Official trans: Lost and Found)

ceng jing yi wei ai shi rang wo yang wang de lan tian
曾經以為愛 是讓我仰望的藍天
I once thought love is like blue skies that I could look up to

sha sha fu chu le yi qie zhi dao yi shi le xiao lian
傻傻付出了一切 直到遺失了笑臉
I foolishly sacrificed everything till I lost my smiling face

just like my eyes, already frozen from the tears